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Industrial products

  • Structural Frame

    Contact NowStructural FrameIndustrial Products Appearance: Name: electrical control box. Uses: used in a variety of industrial control equipment on the electrical box.Read More

  • Electrical Box

    Contact NowElectrical BoxIndustrial products structural parts: Name: body frame. Uses: for industrial automation equipment components of the connecting bracket. Name: Connection plate. Uses: for the installation of electrical appliances, electronic circuit boards fixed device. Name: Electric control box side plate....Read More

  • Industrial Automation And Control Products

    Contact NowIndustrial Automation And Control ProductsIndustrial automation and control products Electrical boxes are critical components of your home's electrical system. A cover is used to enclose the front of the box and is required by code; it is unsafe, and usually illegal, to leave an electrical box uncovered. Other components are also...Read More