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Discover quality and effective heater products at Rongwei - a leading manufacturer and supplier in China. And find the most excellent service and timely delivery here. We can assure you the high quality, stable performance and competitive price of our heater products.
The function of the heater is to heat the device. According to the function that freezer, uses can be divided into defrost heater, prevent condensation heater, prevent frost heater, temperature compensates heater to wait.
In the intercooled double-door refrigerator, the antifreeze heater is mainly distributed on the evaporator water plate, the outer surface of defrosting drainage pipe and the fan mouth ring, etc. The drain heater is in a constant heating state, the water plate heater and the fan rim heater only work when the evaporator heater defrosts. The purpose that receives water dish to heat is to prevent defrost water to flow into the frost water inside receiving water dish to produce frost to block in the process that flows outside the box outside, bring about inside receiving water dish hydrops excessive and overflow dish outside, get wet, pollute refrigerated food.